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  • Apr 2024
    The 2007 Suzuki Swift is a practical and cost-effective car to drive.
    —Eprilita O - 2007 Suzuki Swift Glxha2 LTD
  • Jan 2024
    Fuel efficient and reliable.
    —Mikael I - 2007 Suzuki Swift
  • Aug 2023
    It’s amazing firstly fuel saver. Easy to seek parking space. It runs smooth and safe.
    —Soon T - 2007 Suzuki Swift Glxha2 LTD
  • Apr 2023
    Ideal small car .. economic and fuel efficient. I am pleased with the swift. Considering it is my 1st small vehicle I have owned
    —Catherine W - 2007 Suzuki Swift
  • Apr 2023
    —Joby P - 2007 Suzuki SWIFT
  • Feb 2023
    This car is small and compact. A perfect started car. It handles well and has the quickness and power to make driving up hills in the area a pleasant drive
    —Jon-Pierre V - 2007 Suzuki Swift
  • Dec 2022
    I enjoy Swifts so was a great car for me
    —Melissa F - 2007 Suzuki SWIFT SPORTS MANUAL
  • Dec 2022
    It’s an awesome wee car
    —amanda C - 2007 Suzuki Swift SPORT
  • Nov 2022
    I think it is very good on gas perfect size if you do t have much people in your car
    —Oceanna M - 2007 Suzuki Swift Sport
  • Nov 2022
    Good car, great for running around places
    —Hannah G - 2007 Suzuki Swift
  • Oct 2022
    Great looking car. Fuel efficient and bigger inside than it looks from the outside.
    —Anthony H - 2007 Suzuki Swift Glxha2 LTD
  • Aug 2022
    Great little run around car! Quite efficient on fuel. Yeah I love the little beast!
    —CASSEY R - 2007 Suzuki Swift Sport
  • Jul 2022
    Fun to drive for a small vehicle, good fuel economy
    —Jordan S - 2007 Suzuki Swift
  • Jun 2022
    Awesome car, fuel efficiency is good, Awesome interior. Small and zippy but still looks good and is fun to drive.
    —Lauren A - 2007 Suzuki Swift SPORTS
  • Jun 2022
    gas saver
    —Jezrill G - 2007 Suzuki SWIFT
  • Jun 2022
    I love my car so much
    —Anahera N - 2007 Suzuki Swift
  • Jun 2022
    Excellent so far
    —Glenn H - 2007 Suzuki Swift Glxha2 LTD
  • Apr 2022
    I love my swift it is cheap on gas and reliable and fits my family perfectly I would love a bit of extra boot space but I can live without it
    —Rhianon E - 2007 Suzuki Swift
  • Mar 2022
    Very economical vehicle. A tough little car.
    —PETER H - 2007 Suzuki Swift Sport 5-Speed Manual
  • Feb 2022
    I'm finding it to be very fuel efficient around town. Unfortunately not the best for fuel or power driving over saddle everyday. More room inside then you'd think
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