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  • Sep 2021
    Beautiful car, a ton of fun to drive, plenty of power as well as luxury.
    —Daniel S - 2014 Volkswagen Golf GTI162KW 2.0P6A/HA5S
  • Aug 2021
    After owning several cars I found that the Golf GTI mk7 is the perfect car. It has performance, reliability, practicality, and easy to drive. total package
    —Elijah L - 2014 Volkswagen Golf GTI 162KW 2.0TSI DSG
  • Aug 2021
    The car is a dream. Really awsum on fuel and great to drive
    —Gary R - 2014 Volkswagen Golf 7 TSI Highline
  • Aug 2021
    She’a pretty perfect and she gets up and goes. Feels like a brand new car. Can’t fault it.
    —LINH T - 2014 Volkswagen Golf
  • Aug 2021
    Awesome car, runs like a dream.
    —Daniel P - 2014 Volkswagen Golf TSI High Line BMT
  • Aug 2021
    Great car from experience so just followed suit really. We regurlary serviced our previous golf and it was reliable and awesome in return. The added bonus was that it was performance tuned and stood out from the rest after a test drive.
    —Greg T - 2014 Volkswagen Golf GTI
  • Aug 2021
    Love it
    —Daniel B - 2014 Volkswagen Golf TSI R-Line
  • Jul 2021
    Such a great car to drive and would highly recommend it to anyone.
    —Joseph L - 2014 Volkswagen Golf Variant 7 TSI Highline
  • Jul 2021
    Very happy with the car
    —NEWFIELD GROUP LIMITED - 2014 Volkswagen GOLF
  • Jul 2021
    Nippy & economical with some nice features.
    —Deborah T - 2014 Volkswagen Golf 7 TSI Highline
  • Jul 2021
    A silent beautiful beast just waiting to be let loose.
    —Chethan J - 2014 Volkswagen Golf TSI High Line BMT
  • Jun 2021
    Have owned many Vws over a period of 60 years so knew exactly what I wanted lOOKED FOR A vARIENT within a year range a mileage range and a price range
    —Alister M - 2014 Volkswagen GOLF VARIANT TSI HIGH LINE BMT
  • Jun 2021
    Powerful, reliable small car for short and long trips.
    —Midhun P - 2014 Volkswagen Golf 7 TSI Highline
  • Jun 2021
    Really good to drive, good fuel economy and great features, in really good condition
    —Catherine R - 2014 Volkswagen Golf 1.2 TSI COMFORT-LINE
  • Jun 2021
    Great and comfortable car to up grade to
    —Samantha M - 2014 Volkswagen Golf Variant TSI Highline BMT
  • Jun 2021
    High spec vehicle, well prepared despite its age
    —Robin W - 2014 Volkswagen Golf GTI, 2.0 TSI, DSG, Dynamic Chassis Control
  • May 2021
    I am beginning to enjoy driving the car and found so far it is very economical .
    —Francis H - 2014 Volkswagen Golf 7 TSI Highline
  • May 2021
    Really good on gas and smooth
    —Harshdeep A - 2014 Volkswagen Golf TSI High Line BMT - Grade 4.5
  • May 2021
    Just what i wanted
    —IAN G - 2014 Volkswagen Golf tsi
  • Apr 2021
    It’s going well so far, lovely to drive, good amount of space for car seat, pram & dog. Looks good and great safety features. Time well tell as to the reliability
    —Anna W - 2014 Volkswagen Golf TSi Mk7 **NEW SHAPE**
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